Our specialized solutions are tailored to the needs
of individual specializations.


Our specialized solutions are tailored to the needs of individual specializations. Emphasis is put on structured documentation with the set control of required items, keeping specialized documentation, and reporting to national registers (oncology, cardiology, and cardiac surgery).

Large amounts of data are collected in the background and give information for evaluating indicators of care quality and patient safety without any user intervention and can be used to supporting the fulfilment of accreditation requirements.

A structured daily report form kept continuously can be tailored to all departments and contains a description of the health of a patient, scoring schemes, and prescribed medicines and infusions. The processes in the system minimize the possibility of confusing medicines or administering medication wrongly.

Our clinical information system provides not only data in the form of statistical outputs for specialist work but also information necessary for efficient management for middle and top management. In addition to statistics created right in the clinical information system, it is possible to connect, with a great benefit, a management system for more efficient operational management and use other services for the control of reporting quality.

“STAPRO’s individual approach when modifying operated information systems and their mutual communication helps considerably to effectively support medical processes in our particular institute.”

— prof. MUDr. Jan ŽALOUDÍK, CSc., Director, Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute


Our experience with the implementation and support of clinical information systems in hundreds of medical facilities gives us vital experience with the requirements of clinical information system for various types of facilities in terms of size and professional specialization. We have created standardized settings with which we begin implementing a system and then we tailor the system to the needs of the facility or individual departments.

Our portfolio of products covers the key processes of a medical facility in the area of patient care with great emphasis put on the collection and efficient use of all information entered by users. We cover all clinical processes of a medical facility, including complements, operating theatre management, and central sterilization. We offer a comprehensive solution in the area of the logistics of drugs and medical materials with the possibility of keeping records of individual patients. Our solutions include the comprehensive coverage of the boarding operation. An integral part of projects is the deployment of management systems for efficient management and services connected with the control of reporting quality and the control of the efficient setting of contractual relations with health insurance companies.

“The greatest benefit of the implementation of the electronic medicine administration with deducting medicines automatically from the clinical store is the safety of a patient. The implemented process fully respects accreditation standards, reduces the medication administration error rate, prevents a nurse from confusing a medicine, and guarantees that administration as prescribed will take place correctly in terms of time. Medication administration kept electronically is a reliable tool for ensuring that medical documentation is kept precisely and unambiguously. In addition, it enables us to monitor the costs of a patient.”

— MUDr. Stanislav Najman, Director, Dr. Pírek’s Clinic


Psychiatric hospitals

In addition to standard functions, tailored to the needs of this type of facility, we also offer specialized documentation such as records of a social worker, records of a psychologist, the possibility of keeping records of group or working therapy, and nursing diagnoses for creating a care plan. The settings for psychiatric hospitals contain necessary types of informed consent and reports. A patient’s documentation also includes recording, evaluating, and categorizing undesirable events with the evaluation of seriousness.

Rehabilitation institutions

The main functionality in the settings is procedure planning, including bulk planning, which is not a separate functionality but is integrated into the entire process: from prescribing procedures by
a doctor, planning procedures, making records by physiotherapists, and making the final evaluation of a patient’s health by a doctor to ending treatment and reporting on services performed.

Our solution contains tools for monitoring the use of individual departments and workers to support the optimization of each operation and efficient operational management.

“FONS Akord is an information system that enables us to keep medical documentation with all specifics of the psychiatric specialization and helps us to meet accreditation requirements and enhance the quality of care and the safety of patients. Due to its flexibility, we can customize it continuously according to our developing requirements.”

— MUDr. Jaromír Mašek, Director, Psychiatric Hospital, Havlíčkův Brod


Our standard clinical documentation can be tailored to operation in subsequent care departments. The emphasis here is put mainly on nursing documentation, which contains forms for recording anamnesis, the evaluation of the risks of falling and decubitus, and a self-sufficiency test. The system enables the facility to keep a care plan entering nursing diagnoses and their subsequent evaluation to keep continuous data on decubitus, and to ensure that positioning and pain are recorded. A patient’s fall, with the evaluation of seriousness and the patient’s health before and after the fall, can be recorded. Documentation also includes education records, informed consent, and records from social workers and psychologists.

An integral part of the solutions offered are of course functions connected with reporting to health insurance companies and private payers. Our solutions also support sending, exchanging or sharing medical documentation or parts thereof with urgent care facilities.

“The project of the FONS implementation contributed considerably to the more efficient collection and use of information about patients, enabled to interconnect keeping documentation of the entire multi-discipline team, and thus enabled to provide subsequent care of higher quality.”

— Mgr. Jana Tomšů, Director, Long-Term Care Hospital, Rybitví


The purpose of our solutions for the founders and chains of medical facilities is mainly to reduce the total costs of ownership and enhance the quality and accessibility of information across medical facilities, which we achieve by using our products in FONS lines.

A benefit of these solutions is a high rate of the use of means and the centralization of administration with the possibility of centralizing information step by step or immediately. Access to data is controlled according to the set access permissions which correspond not only to the needs of the provision of care by a doctor but also to legislative conditions and safety rules.

An area that is highly sought after is management system solutions for efficient management and operational comparison as well as services connected with the control of reporting quality and the control of the efficient setting of contractual relations with health insurance companies.

Reporting for insurance companies can be processed either centrally or separately for individual medical facilities. Basic code lists can be used together, which simplifies the comparison of the efficiency of individual hospitals or departments at higher levels.

“The implementation of a new electronic material ordering system interconnected directly with the economic and management system has been my aim for some time. I’m maximally satisfied with the result. At last we can manage our costs and not only report them after the end of our monthly balancing.”

— Ing. František Lešundák, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Klatovská nemocnice, a.s.


For outpatient facilities, we offer the clinical information system tailored to work in an outpatient department. Great emphasis is put on ergonomics at work – when recording a patient’s examination, the doctor can see all the information necessary on one screen (records of previous examinations, results from laboratories, x-ray examinations, and specialized doctors, prescriptions, vouchers, and entered diagnoses); copying and the automatic generation of services can be used to facilitate work. The system also provides current information about prescriptions, reports drug interactions, and warns about allergies.

The settings of a facility structure correspond to the actual organizational structure – waiting rooms can be used for one or more outpatient departments. Ordered patients, patients waiting for an examination, treated patients, and requests for medical consultations can be clearly seen. A waiting room patient call system can also be used.

An important part of the system is a comprehensive ordering system that enables to order all examinations reqiored for a patient simply and clearly. It is also possible to work with patients or external doctors’ orders via the internet.

“Owing to the workplace that can be tailored to the needs of any user we have necessary information available in a well arranged way and immediately. The use of the thin client technology and the location of the application in the supplier company’s cloud mean that we don’t have to solve server equipment and its administration or data backup. We have opened our way to a paperless outpatient department by using the new clinical information system and its modern technologies.”

— MUDr. Karel Dvorník, Executive Head, Doradus, s.r.o., Jihlava


We are a supplier for all types of laboratory. FONS Openlims supports specific working processes in these specializations: biochemistry, haematology, immunology, serology, parasitology, mycology, virology, cytology, genetics, cytogenetics, bacteriology, and transfusiology. An integral part of the system is an integrated laboratory store for keeping records of chemicals and consumables.

In this way, one system easily and efficiently manages the consolidation of laboratory operations, including support and consolidation within large commercial laboratory chains. We routinely support wide possibilities of electronic communication with doctors and patients, including electronic ordering for sample taking, creating request forms, reminding/warning via an SMS, and other forms of communication.

FONS Openlims is used in departments ranging from small- to medium-size laboratories to the consolidated departments of university hospitals. The system is easy to tailor to the specific requirements of a laboratory. A user can change the setup of input forms and output press and statistical reports. The system is related to the managerial FONS Reports extension and provides tools for the efficient management of one laboratory or an entire chain of laboratories.

“Installing FONS OpenLIMS in our lab was to our satisfaction. The willingness of responsible employees of the company Stapro in implementing the program and solving problems was excellent. The cooperation is permanently set to a high level. The introduction of FONS OpenLIMS in our lab hasn´t led to speeding up the work, but more to improve the quality of work. The program provides us with the information required for the accreditation process.”

— MUDr. Vladimír Fibiger, Head of the Department of Clinical Microbiology, Hospital and Clinic Česká Lípa


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