In view of the wide portfolio of our products,
we have introduced a new FONS product
family to make it more transparent.



Medical facilities are currently facing tasks that raise the need for a greater extent of managerial decision making, more accurate input data, and greater security of patients. In view of the wide portfolio of our products, we have introduced a new FONS product family to make it more transparent and guarantee long-term support and development for this family. For the implementation of new generation functions, interfaces or controls, the currently used systems can be extended to include the required modules and functions with no need to replace entire systems. This extension not only saves financial means but also require no interruption of the operation of the system which could endanger the safety of patients, doesn’t require data conversion, and has lower system user training requirements.

The most modern clinical information system on the Central European market supporting fully paperless operation in health care. The timeless concept of the user interface using the latest technologies available brings highly intuitive and easy control to all users.It comprehensively covers medical processes with integrated care quality and efficiency measurement mechanisms.
It is maximally user-configurable, yet unified approaches to keeping patient documentation are kept.

FONS Enterprise

This system covers the operation of clinical departments with several interconnected products enabling to keep medical documentation and supporting operating activities in individual clinical departments. The high flexibility of user settings with no programming ensures a quick response to the specific requirements of a medical facility.It can be widely used for fully paperless operation with integrated communication and medical documentation exchange between hospitals and outpatient departments.

FONS Akord

This modern laboratory information system, proven by hundreds of departments in several countries in Central and Eastern Europe, is designed for all types of laboratories. It supports specific working processes in the following specializations: biochemistry, haematology, immunology, serology, parasitology, mycology, virology, cytology, genetics, cytogenetics, bacteriology, and transfusiology. It also includes an integrated laboratory store for keeping records of chemicals and consumables.

FONS Openlims

This is a set of products and tools for the configuration and creation of complex structured forms with the definition of workflow and with complex logic. It is an electronic method of reporting to many national or professional registers.A comprehensive solution to the issues of controls and workflow over data to be entered.
Individual FONS Flexi products are mostly provided as variants for individual clinical systems: FONS Enterprise, FONS Akord, and others.

FONS Flexi

This system simply replaces paper information exchange with efficient user- and system-friendly electronic communication. It saves time, money, and paper. The integration of processes in health care extends the potential of existing systems and brings a fundamental qualitative change in the process of providing health care.It develops the authorized and secured use and sharing of electronic medical documentation.

FONS Integration

FONS Reports is an integration tool for sourcing and processing data from various operational systems. It enables users to determine and monitor online the values of indicators that ensure that the objectives of the organization and its units are met. It provides a separated interface for the simple monitoring of control indicators.It offers a dedicated comprehensive user interface for searching for the causes of troubles and connections in data saved due to the fact that it enables users to break down to, and evaluate, the primary data.

FONS Reports


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