A modern clinical information system covering
the operation of clinical departments. It features
an above-standard level of customizability.

FONS Akord

FONS Akord is a modern clinical information system. It covers the operation of clinical departments with many interconnected products enabling to keep medical documentation and supporting operating activities in individual clinical departments. An important feature is its flexibility in settings that can be adjusted to the needs of a department. This feature also ensures a quick response to requirements with no need of programming by resetting the parameters only and provides great possibilities for the administrator of the clinical information system in a medical facility.

Reference video – Clinic of Dr. Pírek, Electronic administration of medication


FONS Akord Product sheet – FONS Akord

+10 %

increase in the reported services in the social sphere

-15 %

reduction in the costs of medicines and of keeping online records of consumable medical supplies

+25 %

increase in the efficiency of the use of operating theatres


EZD creates a technological, application and process environment that enables to keep the medical documentation of patients in a clinical information system in a purely electronic form, according to the applicable legislation, and thus enables to minimize the creation and keeping of medical documentation in a documentary form that is created only for the purpose of documenting legally care provided for patients in the form of a printed output of electronically kept records in the clinical system.


This is an efficient tool for purchasing services, separately charged materials and separately charged medicines and checking whether payments made by health insurance companies are correctly reported due to making it in parallel when recording medical documentation. It includes controls that can be defined by a user right at data input and also when processing in bulk using a comprehensive control matrix and closing the books during one step as a configurable process.

Outpatient documentation

It ensures the process when a patient comes in an outpatient department with the definition of workflow corresponding to real activities that take place in the department concerned – coming in a waiting room, entering data by a nurse, examining a patient by a doctor, ordering a patient for the next visit, printing required documentation, and reporting services to the care payer. In the background a patient’s passage through an outpatient department in terms of time is recorded and therefore waiting times and examination lengths can be monitored and quality indicators can be evaluated.

Drug interactions

This is an important tool for checking and estimating risks of pharmacotherapy in patients. The drug interaction database is processed and supplied by Infopharm. It is integrated into the hospital information system. It is used for informing medical workers immediately when prescribing both prescription medicines and medicines prescribed while a patient is hospitalized. The system warns online about drug interactions and thus contributes to the enhancement of the safety of patients. FONS Akord Product sheet – FONS Akord Drug interactions

Nursing documentation

This contains functions for keeping nursing documentation electronically – nursing anamnesis, a nursing plan with an evaluation, transfer reports, a screening examination carried out by a nurse – risks of falling, risks of decubitus, a test of self-sufficiency, nutritious screening, and others. All documents are kept in a structured way and guarantee that the documentation is complete, duplicate data are excluded, and labour-intensity is reduced when documenting a patient’s health.


This is designed for a doctor, a procedure planning worker, and a physiotherapist. All successive steps are interconnected – from prescribing procedures by a doctor, planning procedures, making records by physiotherapists, and making the final evaluation of a patient’s health by a doctor to ending the treatment. Also reporting the services performed is included. Electronic procedure planning puts emphasis on ergonomics at work for an end user.


It enables a medical facility to enter data collected by cardiology registers into the hospital system and then report these data electronically to registers. Data are collected in structured forms displayed right from a hospital information system from a patient’s documentation. These are data monitored by both national registers (Register of cardiovascular operations and interventions) and clinical registers operated in cooperation with the Czech Society of Cardiology.


This is designed for pathology and bioptic laboratories. It ensures a complete cycle of processing bioptic and cytological samples and necropsies. It can be operated as an integral part of the FONS Akord hospital information system. In the case of this interconnection it offers the use of many data flows from the clinical system. Characteristic features of the module is intuitive control, a simple data entry system, the automation of a sequence of activities, the automatic creation of data for insurance companies, and tailoring it to the needs of individual departments. FONS Akord Product sheet – FONS Akord Pathology

Logistics (central and handy stores)

This supports comprehensively the entire logistic system – from medication and stock records in central and handy stores to dispensing for an identified patient. However, it solves not only the area of drugs and medical materials, but also the area of general materials and services (material and technical supplies, maintenance, etc.). It also offers interconnection with FONS Enterprise web request forms and approvals. FONS Akord Product sheet – FONS Akord Logistics

Boarding system

This enables to keep records of patients and employees’ meals, administer operating data, and keep stock records. Reports on meals from departments are processed as two variants – quantities of diets or a relation to a specific patient. Requests sent by a department are added up and enter standardizing in the form of a summary request. The standardizing process creates operational outlets, especially a food issue slip. Issue slips enable to monitor economic and statistic indicators.

Bed documentation

This ensures keeping a patient’s documentation while hospitalized and at the same time all paperwork connected with the patient’s stay in the hospital, including keeping records and reporting data for payers for care and the Institute of Health Information and Statistics. Sequences enable to set the automatic start of functions for typical situations to simplify work carried out by an end user. Documentation can be structured and optimized according to the needs of individual departments.


It supports the required functionalities connected with a patient’s operation – from ordering for an operation to making and reporting an operation record. The order diary gives information about the occupancy of operating theatres. It contains necessary controls that ensure that an operation will be planned in accordance with the capacity possibilities. An operating schedule can be created using ordered operations. Data entered in the process of ordering are then transferred to the operation record that describes the operation comprehensively.

Gynaecology and maternity hospital

This enables to keep the required documentation for an examination and hospitalization of
a pregnant woman, describes prenatal examinations, birthing, and the health of the new born baby and mother after the birth. The documentation of the mother and new born baby is interrelated and gives a user a comprehensive view of a case. The electronic reporting of required reports for the Institute of Health Information and Statistics and the register office is included.

Undesirable events

This enables to make records in electronic structured forms. Undesirable events can be sent electronically to the register that is operated by the Institute of Health Information and Statistics. The product includes the possibilities of keeping continuously data on decubitus, entering data about a patient’s fall, including the description of the patient’s health before and after the fall, and keeping records of hospital infections with the option of sending automatically an e-mail to the persons responsible when a critical event is recorded.

Radiology and PACS

This brings a comprehensive solution to processes that take place in medical imaging departments from patient admissions to the description of an examination that has taken place and its electronic transmission to the department that has made the request. The system enables to communicate with commonly offered PACS systems using communication connectors that send requests to the worksheet server and enable to access image documentation right from the request form or from the patient’s documentation. FONS Akord Product sheet – FONS Akord Radiology

Assisted Reproduction

This is a comprehensive solution to specific needs of assisted reproduction departments. It solves functionalities necessary for the gynaecology and embryology specializations and provides a comprehensive view of a case. As early as a woman’s anamnesis data are entered data about the partner can also be recorded and the two pieces of documentation can be interconnected. The system enables to work with a cryo store and store oocytes, embryos and sperms, which are recorded in a specific location in the store with a relation to the patient, the method of fertilization, and information on the cycle and stage.


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