A laboratory information system suitable for all types
of laboratories and proven by hundreds of departments
in Europe.

FONS Openlims

FONS Openlims is a modern laboratory information system proven by hundreds of departments in several countries of Central and Eastern Europe. It is designed for all types of laboratories. It supports specific working processes of most specializations. The product is routinely used in small- and medium-sized laboratories as well as in consolidated departments of large university hospitals. The system is easy to tailor to specific requirements of a laboratory.

FONS Openlims Product sheet – FONS Openlims

-70 %

reduction in the time required for the receipt of a request form

- 1 mil. Kč

costs of result sheet distribution

-30 %

costs of the operation of IT and technologies in chains of laboratories


An internet solution for creating easily electronic laboratory request forms and displaying continuously results released by a laboratory. An examination requestor has secured access to results of all of the requestor’s patients, including the possibility of displaying cumulative findings for his/her improvement of medical procedures. It simplifies a requestor’s communication with a laboratory. It enables to order simply consumables by a requester in a laboratory.


An information system for the transfusiology specialization. It enables to keep records of donors, release a donor for sample taking, make a record of sample taking and products of sample taking, and evaluate laboratory examinations, including online communication with analyzers (biochemistry, haematology, and serology). It meets the requirements of the State Institute for Drug Control and the 15189 standard and makes it easier to accredit a laboratory.

Scanning request forms

A laboratory request form scanning module. It speeds up entering examination requests and makes it more precise. The types of laboratory request forms can be customized by a user. The module is interconnected with the electronic documentation archive. It enables to archive scanned request forms for searching them quickly and checking them subsequently.

Laboratory store

Universal stock records for all types of goods that are used by a laboratory. The support of the automatic deduction of stocks according to actual production in a laboratory. Immediate views of stock levels. Movements of goods are traceable by lot. Keeping records of goods can be quickened using mobile readers.

Electronic documentation

This module enables to keep laboratory medical documentation in an electronic form. It ensures the automatic saving of documents marked with an electronic mark and time stamp to the laboratory archive. It supports the statutory shredding process. It brings the quicker and more secure distribution of result sheets to examination requestors. The laboratory gains immediate savings in consumables (paper, toner, and correspondence) and savings in the storage of paper documents.

Biochemistry and haematology

The basic module of FONS Openlims covering the following specializations: biochemistry, haematology, virology, parasitology, serology, immunology, and cytology. It meets the requirements of the 15189 standard and facilitates the accreditation of a laboratory. It gives information for taking correct decisions in the process of managing and optimizing the operation of a laboratory. It enhances the quality of outputs important in terms of medicine using a doctor’s extensive control of results and the automatic monitoring of their relations.


This module solves specific needs of bacteriology laboratory processes. It can be tailored to the needs of the processes of a specific laboratory. The main work forms can be fully configured and customized according to the needs of the operation. Emphasis is put on meeting the requirements of accreditation proceedings. Complete working procedures are recorded in a formalized way in a tree structure. The module is connected to the reference NCBI library.

Connection of analyzers

More than 600 types of analyzers and instruments of all specializations that can be connected online to a laboratory information system. It supports the transfer and processing of check samples. Work is facilitated by using the barcode marking of materials. The detailed monitoring of transferred data enables to save data securely to an information system.

Transfusion preparation store

This solves the stock records of transfusion preparations according to the good manufacturing practice. The complete support of processes when storing transfusion preparations. It gives an immediate overview of the stock levels of goods, enables to export data for customers, and supports the printing of labels and work with bar codes. Easy to close the books.


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