This simply replaces paper information exchange
with efficient and user- and system-friendly electronic

FONS Integration

FONS Integration includes the area of integration and communication solutions and products for the integration of various systems into comprehensive solutions to information exchange and sharing both within a medical facility and between health care providers. Integration allows for the immediate accessibility of information where they are required, eliminates duplicate data entry, and reduces the error rate. It develops the authorized and secured use and sharing of electronic medical documentation.

+40 %

increase in the yield of a pharmacy

+5 %

increase in prescription limits

-80 %

costs of medical documentation sharing

Electronic prescription systems

They hand over electronic records of issued prescriptions and vouchers from a clinical information system to a pharmacy’s information system and receive a confirming report on dispensing against a collected prescription or voucher. An addition is the eRecept (ePrescription) module that communicates with the Central Storage of the State Institute for Drug Control and the Electronic Prescription System through a clinical information system. Due to this it enables to submit data on prescriptions and dispensing on the basis of documentary prescriptions.

Web diary

This is an internet booking service for online ordering of a doctor’s care via the internet. It enables patients or their family members as well as their treating doctors to plan and order necessary examinations via the internet right in medical facilities connected to the booking system. The booking system can also be operated as a service within a region or chains of medical facilities. FONS Integration Product sheet – FONS Integration Web diary


This creates a very secure communication environment for the transmission of messages in any format (most often in the DASTA data standard) between connected users (health care providers). This transmission meets the legislative requirements of the Czech Republic concerning sensitive data protection. This service finds many applications in the submission of laboratory request forms and results, x-ray findings, doctors’ reports, and the like between medical facilities. MISE ensures the transfer of encrypted messages on a standard electronic communication protocol basis.

Regional communication centre

This provides online services allowing for a secured and audited view of information from connected medical facilities or providing the delivery of messages between senders and recipients. If recipients are not connected online, it also provides asynchronous data exchange services.


This is designed for online information exchange between the emergency medical service and the other medical facilities connected to a system through communication adapters (nodes). It provides a summary and quick online view of urgent medical information about a patient during an intervention in the field, a view of doctors’ reports, and the electronic submission of a report of a trip to a medical facility.


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