A set of products and tools for the configuration
creation of complex structured forms with the
definition of workflow and a complex logic.

FONS Flexi

FONS Flexi is a set of products and tools for the configuration creation of complex structured forms with the definition of workflow and a complex logic, the option of setting controls and validations. In addition to data entry forms, it enables to define statistical outputs and export data according to the defined data interface, which enables to connect to various national or branch registers.

-25 %

reduction in the time required for reporting to registers

-5 %

costs of transfusion preparations

+25 %

more treated patients in outpatient departments

Nursing documentation

This is suitable for keeping documentation by nurses while hospitalizing a patient. Especially necessary structured data for nursing anamnesis, a nursing discharge/transfer report, a nursing plan with an evaluation, an evaluation of the risk of falling and decubitus, an ADL self-sufficiency test, or nutrition screening are entered here. All structured data can be used to create statistical outputs and get necessary data on nursing care. This electronic keeping of nursing documentation supports meeting accreditation standards.

Cardiology registers

This enables a medical facility to enter data collected by cardiology registers into the hospital system and then report these data electronically to registers. Data are collected in structured forms displayed right from the hospital information system from a patient’s documentation. These are data monitored both by national registers (Registry of cardiovascular operations and interventions) and by clinical registers operated in cooperation with the Czech Society of Cardiology.

Oncology disease record keeping

This enables to record clinical data related to an oncology disease and treatment in a structured way and then evaluate these data. At the same time it ensures automated data collection for the Czech National Cancer Registry. Structured forms enable to enter data on individual phases of care (radiotherapy, an operation, chemotherapy, etc.) and define their input and output characteristics and a general treatment plan and it enables to describe disease phases (primary diagnosis, primary treatment, a relapse, the progression of a disease, the dispensarization phase, and the death of a patient). FONS FlexiProduct sheet – FONS Flexi Solution for oncology

Hospital infections

It keeps records of information on a hospital infection that has arisen using structured forms and evaluates this information. The occurrence of new events enables to warn relevant workers by information e-mails to have online information about a recorded hospital infection and to be able to react quickly. An integral part of the system is also the possibility of evaluating hospital infections.

Waiting room patient call system

It enables to call patients to go to a doctor’ consulting room for an examination and at the same time it can be used for informing patients. A waiting room LCD panel displays a presentation created in PowerPoint that enables the medical facility to inform patients about events in the hospital, for example, or paid advertising can be shown there. A presentation is interrupted by calling a patient to go for an examination. This calling is activated by a nurse or doctor right from the hospital information system in the outpatient department. Calling takes place by writing the name or number of a patient or other information (door number, outpatient department name, doctor’s name, and the like) if need be, including a sound signal to call attention to calling another patient. FONS FlexiProduct sheet – FONS Flexi Waiting room patient call system

Efficient transfusion therapy

This increases the efficiency of transfusion therapy and offers both a process decision making system for ordering and a related evaluation (managerial) system and thus creates a comprehensive tool for managing a transfusion therapy segment at various management levels, from the transfusion station, clinic or department management to the top management of a hospital. FONS FlexiProduct sheet – FONS Flexi Efficient transfusion therapy

Informed consent

This offers efficient informed consent record keeping right in a hospital information system. It simplifies substantially consent management, unifies their form, and ensures that the content of generated documents complies with all legislative requirements. At the same time records of any informed consent given are kept precisely in the patient’s documentation right in the hospital information system database, including the information about who and when has created the consent. FONS FlexiProduct sheet – FONS Flexi Informed consent

Undesirable events

This supports keeping complete records of undesirable events. It records general data concerning undesirable events and specific data such as a patient’s fall, a patient’s decubitus, and information about hospital infections. The product also enables to keep records of corrective actions with follow-up actions. The product includes the possibility of evaluating subsequently undesirable events in the form of statistical outputs. FONS FlexiProduct sheet – FONS Flexi Undesirable events

Undesirable events not related to a patient

This enables to keep records of undesirable events in a structured way with no relation to a patient and to evaluate them subsequently. The management of a department has overviews available that relate to the department. A quality manager together with other authorized workers can use an overview of recorded undesirable events of the entire medical facility for a selected period.


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