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Help for Ukraine

We are sure you are all well aware of what is currently taking place in Ukraine, where the Russian Federation has attacked its neighbour by military force at the orders of Putin. There is war and human tragedy in Europe and we, as a group, want to support the Ukraine in its defence.

The administrative board of FONS JK Group, a.s. representing STAPRO s. r. o., MeDila spol s.r.o., Laboratoř lékařské mikrobiologie s.r.o., BIONIK Stapro Group s.r.o. and CICERO Stapro Group s.r.o. has decided to send a donation of 1 million Czech Crowns to the account of the Embassy of Ukraine in Prague.

We thank those of you who decide to send your own money in donation to the same or another collection for your solidarity. We believe that all aid will be very effectively utilised and that European countries will not have to suffer years of occupation by foreign forces as we have experienced here in the past.
The entire situation is certainly terrible and terrifying and it is very difficult to imagine for those of us who have never experienced war. But, despite the horror, the strong will with which the Ukrainian people defend themselves against an invasion by the Russian armies is certainly an incredible inspiration to tighten our belts as much as possible.

FONS JK Group, a.s. Administrative Board


FONS product line

The most comprehensive line of products for health care providers and their founders. It contains clinical systems, products covering laboratories and radio diagnosis complements, and management systems for doctors and management. The line also includes a wide portfolio of integration and communication products for sharing electronic medical documentation efficiently and for efficient electronic communication with a patient. It provides a modern friendly and intuitive user interface, based on modern technologies. It supports the paperless operation of medical facilities as much as possible. It continues in the functionality of our older product lines and extends and replaces it. It enables to deploy it step by step and cover defined partial areas.

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Products and services of our company serve to all key segments of health care provision and management. We cover most significantly the needs of health care providers (primary and specialized outpatient care and urgent and subsequent inpatient care). Our clients are both the largest medical facilities and health care provider chains, including laboratories, and smaller inpatient and outpatient facilities for many years and due to our experience we are able to provide them with our products and services to their maximum satisfaction independent of their size. The continuous development of our products covers continuously also other specific and scarce areas of IT support for health care provision.

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We use our many years’ know-how in the area of medical informatics when creating comprehensive solutions. Medical facilities solve both their day-to-day operational tasks and problems and problems connected with tactical or strategic management levels with our help. We focus not only on clinical processes and processes connected with health care provision but also on service processes that enter significantly both the quality and efficiency of care and the economic activities of medical facilities. We provide comprehensive supply, including all types of consultations, support, hosting, and outsourcing.

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Our systems are used by more than 200 hospitals
and  482 laboratories with more than 72,000 users throughout Europe..