STAPRO, 25 years, life cross, and life without paper – what connects these things?

STAPRO s. r. o., an IT company with its central office based in Pardubice, is going to celebrate its 25 years in the Czech market at the beginning of September. On this occasion it will unveil new corporate design. Indirectly or directly, you will all have encountered this company’s products – it produces computer software for hospitals and laboratories, and thus tries to maximize the electronic support of processes and to reduce the amount of paper documents in hospitals.

“We adjust the new corporate design and website not only to reflect trends in IT, but also to symbolise our connection to health care. This is demonstrated especially in the company logo. The logo is based on the life cross that is then subdivided into six of our key products. All of this will be presented on the occasion of the 25th anniversary celebrations of STAPRO s.r.o. on 16 September 2015,”

states Ing. Leoš Raibr, managing director. More information will also be presented during the INMED conference on 13 and 14 October 2015; this conference is co-organized by Stapro for hospital management representatives and leading workers of health insurance companies or the Ministry of Health.

In the field of health care IT, STAPRO ranks among the largest software suppliers in the Czech Republic as well as Central and Eastern Europe and you can meet its products in almost any hospital in our country. In modern times we take it for granted that there will be software and PCs in hospitals. If you have gone to hospital for an X-ray, for example, you know that you don’t have to wait for your images and take them to your treating doctor to be added to paper medical records. Today, everything can work in a paperless way. Doctors see immediately whether you are allergic to something, whether you have undergone any operation, what you are treated for, etc. This ensures the maximum safety for a patient and the availability of the maximum extent of information to doctors for making well-founded decisions on the method of comprehensive treatment. The creation and maintenance of such software is subject both to modern requirements of doctors and strict safety legislative requirements.